Green energy

Green energy

Geothermal Power

Iceland is one of the most volcanically active regions in world. This unique natural resource provides the low carbon, renewable electricity that powers our state-of-the-art growing process.  It also provides sustainable greenhouse heating and controls growing temperatures. This produces the optimal environment for healthy, delicious produce all year round.


Harnessing another of the Arctic’s pristine natural resources, hydropower plants generate low carbon electricity from pure glacial water sources in the northern wilderness. Sustainably produced hydropower electricity powers most of Pure Arctic’s agricultural process.


Pure Arctic combines state-of-the-art greenhouse technology with unique renewable energy resources to produce delicious, environmentally sustainable produce. Our experienced agriculturalists, engineers and growers are constantly innovating to develop more natural and efficient ways of producing supreme quality foods. This enables our products to be produced all year round in near perfect natural growing conditions.

Pure Water

Iceland has one of the purest and most abundant water supplies in the world. The resource is naturally filtered through mineral rich volcanic soils as it flows down from the untouched natural highlands in crystal clear streams.


The water source, a protected underground aquifer filtered for thousands of years, is intergraded into Pure Arctic’s production processes and the growing cycle to produce fresh, clean and crisp produce as nature intended.